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As Seen On You


What’s the real scoop on Smoking Astronauts? Welcome to The Unfiltered Universe, a corner of our galaxy dedicated to your personal experience. Just like every star, every individual in our community is unique, and we’re here for it. This is a safe space to share your journey, stories and style revolutions in all their real, raw, unfiltered glory… where you can be authentically YOU. So, let your voice be heard and inspire others to take the leap and join us on our journey to a more stylish and sustainable future that celebrates all of us… just as we are! Or, if you’re just joining us on your first mission, feel free to browse and read about other astronauts’ experiences.

Theo T. (Tarzen)


I strongly believe in authenticity, uniqueness, and striving to be your best self in life! No two human beings are born identical (not even twins), to each their own. Be the best version of yourself like no one else! Be different to make a difference!

Jenna Jameson


I wear the gear all the time…you are going to love it!



Being unique is important to me because it allows me to fully embrace my individuality and express my authentic self. It enables me to stand out from the crowd, contribute my unique perspectives and talents, and make a positive impact on the world in my own distinct way.

Alexxa Seewi


Everyone has their own unique sparkle and purpose. We all have something special to offer to the world. It’s important for me to be unique and authentic to myself because it is who I am to the core. Being true to yourself is being true to the person God set you out to be.

Hedd Knight


Choosing to show your authentic self to the world can be uncomfortable at times, but the love, creativity and relationships that comes from it makes it 100% worth it.
The thing I value most about myself is that I’m always striving to be the best that I can be – to myself and the people around me.