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Shaping Tomorrow’s Style

Smoking Astronauts is on a mission to be the GOAT. Don’t get us wrong, we know it won’t be easy. But who said we couldn’t do it? Sure, the competition is fierce, but we’re destined to be an international street fashion player—and that’s not even half of it.

Why? Because we’re so much more than just another hip fashion clothing brand. We’ve created a movement that proves urban fashion can fire up the world and an experience that centers around you.  And we want to do it in style. Sustainability and community are at the forefront of what we do, and we want to be a brand renowned for quality, authenticity, and personality. Just like the world around us, street style is always changing, and we’re on the cusp of regenerating both.

Here, you won’t just find street style clothing, accessories, and homeware. You’ll find the beginnings of a fashion evolution. A brand that keeps you at the forefront. A community unlike anything done before. We might only just be getting started, but even the global names had to start somewhere. Together, we can shape the future with decisions made today, but we need you on board this rocket ship, and we might as well do it looking good.



At Smoking Astronauts, we’ve got our sights set on a lofty goal, a grand vision – to redefine the cosmos of sustainable streetwear, to become the unequivocal GOAT.
We’re not naive – we know the road ahead won’t be a leisurely spacewalk. It’s an audacious mission, that’s for sure. But hey, did anyone ever achieve greatness without daring to dream big?

In this journey, your role is paramount. Yes, you, our fellow Astronauts. We need you to co-pilot this rocket ship and to be part of this journey. Because let’s face it, we’re not just about creating a brand; we’re igniting a whole movement.
Our mission? To stitch individuality into every seam, yes. But Smoking Astronauts is also big on sustainability and community. They’re not just trendy words we throw around willy-nilly – they are the cornerstones of our existence.
We’re not here to churn out fast-fashion pieces that lose their shine in a hot minute. 

We’re about crafting garments that champion quality, ooze authenticity, and radiate personality – the very hallmarks of a Smoking Astronaut.
And we’re not just serving up killer streetwear, top-notch accessories, and essential home gear. Nah, it’s bigger than that. Think of us as your launchpad to a style uprising, the brand that catapults you to the frontlines of sustainable swagger. 

We’re the driving force, making sustainability not just a trend but a lifestyle.
If you wear Smoking Astronauts, you’re not just wearing clothes; you’re wearing the future. We’re not just a label; we’re a community, a tribe, a family of like-minded cosmonauts who believe in looking good without compromising our precious planet.

Together we can travel towards a future where fashion doesn’t cost the earth. We can redefine the future of fashion… and look bomb while we do it.
Make a statement. Make an impact. Join the movement.

Our Story

I had an unusual early life, riddled with isolation and a clear-cut path ahead of me, paved by my traditional, religious parents. But from an early age, my heart has been threaded with complexities and uniqueness that at first, I was afraid of. But I knew, deep within my bones, that I wanted to forge my own future.

I grew up with sensitive blue eyes and allergies that caused me discomfort and pain. My allergies often made me too sick to sustain an entire school day and the principals allowed me to sleep in class. It wasn’t until later in life that my parents realised, I needed a surgery in my ears and learned to speak incorrectly. My family, deep in their religious beliefs and traditions, kept me on a tight leash. I was forbidden from going to birthday parties, or having friends over on Saturday as we celebrated the holiday of Sabbath, which commenced from sundown Friday night to sundown Saturday night.

During my youth, I discovered I had ADHD. I enrolled in special education for advanced students. Yet, I endured speech therapy for many years during my schooling. Again, uniqueness.

When I reached high school, I transferred from public school to private school to begin a Christian education and had to endure an hour-long drive to and from school each day.

Alienated from other youth, and shrouded in loneliness like a cloak, I knew this life was not for me. Adventure called my name. It rippled along my spine, pulling me towards it, tendril by tendril.

I began a computer business in high school, and buried my head in the slew of working, building, creating, until I could no longer handle my schoolwork by junior year. Graduation was not in my path. During my senior year, I plucked up my courage, dropped out of school, and followed the path that I forged for myself, brick by brick. I would be a full-time entrepreneur.

I’d attend ivy league school, start several successful businesses and even a non-profit.

Choosing your own path, seeking a different life, doesn’t have to be steeped in shame. No. It’s brave. It’s bold. Be bold.

Let the chatter of others become a din in your ears. Don’t waste time trying to fit into the popular crowd or the traditional path. Take risks. Follow your heart and your dreams. Seek that call for adventure.


Life is about embracing our uniqueness.

My name is Tyler King. My business, and my path, was ignited when I was brave enough to embrace my uniqueness. It can be scary. It can be lonely. But how can you reach the stars without climbing through the darkness and roaring wind?

So, travel the world. Explore new cultures, languages, people, fashion. Make art. Craft a life that teems with music, colour, and running through fields with friends, so that when you are covered in wrinkles, you can smile, and recall all that you did, rather than wish you were brave enough to take that step.

Achieve greatness by daring to dream and by stepping into the cosmos of unknown colours, lights, and stars. Make a statement. Make an impact. Be brave.

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