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Welcome to Smoking Astronauts!

More than just a brand, we’re a movement, a revolution in streetwear that celebrates the audacity of being YOU. Remember those school days when being different was like a badge no one wanted? We say it’s the best way to be. In fact, it’s a badge of honor. We believe your individuality is what makes you extraordinary. In a world filled with clones, be proud to be different. Your uniqueness isn’t just a trait; it’s a superpower, an ignition switch for creativity, an incubator for innovation. Fitting into someone else’s mold? Boring. We’re all about breaking the mold. About embracing our authentic selves

– No compromises, No apologies, No regrets.–

For The Bold

Dare to stand out with our unique designs.

Beyond Beauty

Fashion that empowers and inspires.

Fashion with a Purpose

When it comes to street style and urban fashion, change is the only constant. However, It’s not about trends that come and go – but a subculture. It’s about being part of a movement, not a moment. Trends and hypes flicker and fade like distant stars, illuminating the dark for a moment only to be replaced by the next. Yet, amidst this swirling galaxy of fleeting fashion, Smoking Astronauts stands firm on one principle – the quality of our gear. We get it – looking lit is non-negotiable. That’s why every piece we create isn’t just designed to turn heads but also to stand the test of time. We’re talking premium materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and a passion for detail that borders on the somewhat obsessive. We’re not about the one-hit wonders.

We’re playing the long game. Every piece we drop? It’s about adding to your arsenal of killer outfits, not replacing them like a distant star. So yeah, the fashion world might be in a constant state of flux. But our commitment to quality? We’ll never mess with that.

Premium Collection

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When it comes to sustainability, we’re all systems go. That’s our fuel. True style goes beyond just looking good on the outside – it’s about feeling just as epic on the inside. Yes, we believe in celebrating your individuality with threads that are out of this world. But here’s the tea. We’re not down with trading our beautiful planet for the sake of fashion. Anyway, what good is looking good if we can’t exist? So, we’re out here, waving the flag for a different kind of fashion ethos. Every single piece at Smoking Astronauts is made on demand. That’s right, we’re cutting the crap, and by crap, we mean waste. No stacks of unsold inventory, no unnecessary depletion of resources, just sustainable drip made just for you when you want it.

Not to mention a third of our products are born from recycled materials.
The future of fashion should be as sustainable as it is on fleek. That’s why we’re not just changing the streetwear game here but launching it into a whole new universe.

Eco Friendly and Sustainable

As Seen On You

Every star has a story. And so does every customer.
Curious as to what other crew members have to say about their Smoking Astronauts experiences? Or maybe you’re eager to share your own journey?

Head over to The Unfiltered Universe for real stories from real people making a real impact. Our own little corner of the interweb where you can make your voice heard. Or hear voices (in a good way).
A place where we shed light on the raw and the real of being a Smoking Astronaut – where we celebrate your experiences, your stories, and your unique style journey.
Sound good? Thought so. Click here and join the conversation!

Theo T. (Tarzen)

I strongly believe in authenticity, uniqueness, and striving to be your best self in life! No two human beings are born identical (not even twins), to each their own. Be the best version of yourself like no one else! Be different to make a difference!


Being unique is important to me because it allows me to fully embrace my individuality and express my authentic self. It enables me to stand out from the crowd, contribute my unique perspectives and talents, and make a positive impact on the world in my own distinct way.

Alexxa Seewi

Everyone has their own unique sparkle and purpose. We all have something special to offer to the world. It's important for me to be unique and authentic to myself because it is who I am to the core. Being true to yourself is being true to the person God set you out to be.

Hedd Knight

Choosing to show your authentic self to the world can be uncomfortable at times, but the love, creativity and relationships that comes from it makes it 100% worth it. The thing I value most about myself is that I’m always striving to be the best that I can be - to myself and the people around me.

We Love Our Fashion styles ! You Inspire Us

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