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Without the smoke

Smoking Astronauts — Without the Smoke

Okay, so we just wanted to clear something up. Smoking might be in our name, but it’s definitely not in our nature. For the record, we don’t advocate smoking. Never have and never will. Instead, we want the focus to be on stylish and sustainable street apparel made for people like you. Fashion that does good for you, our community, our grassroots, and the world around us.

To do this, we need your backing. You see, there’s power in numbers. And if we can spread the message of our movement while creating high-quality pieces to order, which means we reduce our waste, sooner or later, we’ll be playing with the global fashion kids. Playing, not smoking. Because that’s just not our bag.

Meanwhile, the journey there is going to be an incredible one. And you’re invited. So, if you want to join the Smoking Astronauts movement today, why not browse our collection of street-led pieces for the body and home? And remember, we don’t advocate smoking in any way, shape, or form.


Before we go any further, we’ve gotta get one thing straight – while ‘Smoking’ is part of our name, we’re far from being advocates of the habit. It’s just so totally not our vibe. We’ve never promoted it, and we never will. Instead, our focus zooms in on curating stylish, sustainable streetwear that not only empowers you and amps up your style but also does a world of good for our community and our planet.

We’re looking to you, our crew, to back us on this mission. Why? Because there’s an undeniable force in unity. You know, power in numbers. With your support, as we create bespoke, high-quality pieces and promote our waste-not mindset, we can thrust ourselves into the universe of global fashion players. 

We’re all about the style, not the smoke.

And this journey, this adventure we’re embarking on? It’s no solo mission. And we’ve saved you a seat. 

So, are you ready to be a part of the Smoking Astronauts revolution? Check out our collection of streetwear and home décor, and accessories designed just for you.
And don’t forget – despite our name, we’re not about lighting up… we’re about igniting a change for sustainable, quality fashion that celebrates our individuality. Not hides it.

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