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Every star has a story. And so does every customer.
Curious as to what other crew members have to say about their Smoking Astronauts experiences? Or maybe you’re eager to share your own journey?
Head over to The Unfiltered Universe for real stories from real people making a real impact. Our own little corner of the interweb where you can make your voice heard. Or hear voices (in a good way).

A place where we shed light on the raw and the real of being a Smoking Astronaut – where we celebrate your experiences, your stories, and your unique style journey.
Sound good? Thought so. Click here and join the conversation!

Being unique is important to me because it allows me to fully embrace my individuality and express my authentic self. It enables me to stand out from the crowd, contribute my unique perspectives and talents, and make a positive impact on the world in my own distinct way.

Kendra @ckendra_

I strongly believe in authenticity, uniqueness, and striving to be your best self in life! No two human beings are born identical (not even twins), to each their own. Be the best version of yourself like no one else! Be different to make a difference!

Theo T. (Tarzen) @tarzenculture